Turned On Like Neon

Good news!  In their constant quest to make the world more colorful, Angelus has released a fresh neon sneaker paint color set.  The set includes 12 of the brightest colors you’ve probably ever seen on sneakers.  I mean, school crossing guards should be wearing shoes painted in these colors.

The new neon paints are made with the same flexible formula as Angelus’s trusted standard leather paints.  They’re just brighter.  Just like Angelus’s other paints, they won’t crack if you apply the paint properly.

If you end up painting some kicks with the new neon color line, be sure to add lots of thin, even layers — perhaps even more layers than usual.  Because these neon colors are so bright, they tend to be a bit more translucent than Angelus’s standard leather paint colors.  With each layer, the color gets brighter and more vivid.

The key is not to make the layers too thick.  So exercise patience, put on lots of layers, and be sure to dry between coats.  Your kicks will never be brighter!

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