Brushes With Greatness

An sneaker artist is only as good as the brushes he uses.  Here are our recommendations for the top brushes to have in your arsenal.  All of these brushes should work well to apply the various acrylic and leather paints we use to customize sneakers.

1.  Angelus Complete 14-Piece Paint Brush Set

Do it once, do it right.  Picking up the Angelus 14-piece brush set will ensure you have every brush you need for virtually any sneaker customization project.  With 14 bristle brushes in wide variety of different brush head sizes and angles, you won’t have to constantly be rinsing brushes every time you switch to a new color.  You can simply grab a clean brush, and keep painting.

The set also includes micro-detail brushes that are perfect for detailing tiny creases in rubber or leather.  This set will serve you well for years with proper care, and you’ll love having these brushes in your quiver.

2.  Angelus 5-Piece Paint Brush Set

If you’re not sure just how well you’ll like painting your kicks, you could start out with the 5-piece set from Angelus, and then expand your collection from there.  The 5-piece set lacks several of the specialty brushes found in the 14-piece paint brush set, but these synthetic bristle brushes will give you some basic tools to finish most basic sneaker painting projects.

3.  Artify 12-Piece Paint Brush Set

If you need your brushes ASAP, the Artify 12-piece synthetic brush set is available with one-day shipping from Amazon Prime.  While the set does not come with the same micr0-detail brushes available in the Angelus kits, the set includes a carrying case that doubles as a brush stand.

This kit provides a wide variety of brushes at a low price.  The large brush tips are especially good if you plan to paint whole panels on sneakers a single color, rather than focusing on painting fine details.  The smallest brush that comes with this kit is suitable for the most common types of detail work on sneakers.  But if you decide you need even smaller detail brushes, you can always pick up an extra brush or two from Angelus later.

4.  Virtuoso 15-Piece Fine Paint Brush Set

This set of fine detail brushes is a terrific supplement to the larger brushes included with the Artify 12-piece set.  If you’re going to pick up just one paint brush set for customizing kicks, this one probably isn’t the one you want, because it doesn’t include any larger brushes capable of quickly covering whole panels of sneakers.  However, if you intend to focus on fine detail work or intricate hand-painted designs, this set would give you a great arsenal of brushes to attack any custom project.

Picking up both the Virtuoso set and either the Artify or Craftamo set (containing some larger brushes) would be a great way to ensure you have every brush you might need for sneaker customization.

5.  Craftamo 15-Piece Paint Brush Set (Natural and Synthetic Bristles)

Although a couple of these brushes are likely too wide for some sneaker painting projects, at least 12 of the brushes in this set will be very useful for shoe customization.

And best of all, this set covers the whole size range you might need, all the way down to the finest brushes you’d want for painting tiny details on shoes.  The blend of natural and synthetic bristles gives a great touch for acrylic painting.  The brushes also come with a carrying case that doubles as a pop-up stand.

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