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Adidas Ultra Boost?

If I am painting Ultra Boost what paint would be the best and should I spray paint or paintbrush?

Depends on what part of the Ultra Boost shoe you want to paint. If you want to paint the plastic “cage” (the part of the Boosts that holds the laces), you’ll want to use Angelus paint mixed with a hardening agent called Angelus 2-Hard.  The 2-Hard film hardener will help the Angelus paint bond to non-porous surfaces like plastic.

If you want to paint the midsole, normal Angelus paint should work fine.  You want to be careful to apply thin coats, and can think the paint with acetone or Angelus 2-Hard.  If you want to paint the mesh, I suggest using Angelus 2-Soft Fabric Medium to further help it bond to the mesh.  You don't want thick coats which may crack or break — so start with one thin coat, and add additional layers of paint if needed depending on the color you want. (Also try not to paint dark shoe materials a lighter shade.  Starting with a white mesh and painting it a darker color is recommended.)