Top Sneakers

Every great artwork starts with a blank canvas.  In shoe painting, it’s usually a blank canvas or a blank leather.  Whether you’re painting canvas, leather, or some synthetic material, it’s usually best to start with a shoe that has a lot of white.

Here are the top 7 best sneakers to use for a custom shoe paint job:

1.  Nike Air Force 1

No surprises here, at the top of the list is the shoe that might be the most painted sneaker on the planet.  The Air Force 1’s smooth surface and numerous leather panels offer plenty of combinations for color customization.  And the rubber sole with its varying textures presents even more opportunities for creativity.

2.  Nike Air Jordan High

No sneaker is as iconic as the Air Jordan.  While you can customize Air Jordans in nearly any color, the white ones provide a truly blank canvas.

3.  Adidas Superstar

Nike may have put athletic shoes on the map, but they aren’t the only brand with classic kicks worthy of painting.  The Adidas Superstars offer an old school look with clean lines ideal for painting individual panels.  We love experimenting with different techniques on the rubber toe.

4.  Adidas Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost may be a new player in the shoe game, but they have become one of the hottest shoes for sneaker artists to customize, worldwide.  With more mesh, rubber, and synthetic materials than other sneakers on this list, you should look beyond standard leather painting techniques if you choose to customize these.  But the end results can be phenomenal.

5.  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High

Nothing says “custom shoe paint canvas” like a good old canvas high top.  The Converse Chuck Taylors allow lots of room for illustrations and designs.  Plus, it’s pretty hard to roll an ankle wearing these things.

6.  Vans Classic Slip-on

Remember when you used to color on your shoes in school as a kid?  Customizing the classic rubber and canvas a pair of slip-on Vans always brings back those memories.  Except this time, there’s no one there to stop you from creating something original and beautiful.

7.  An Old Pair In Your Closet

Practice makes perfect.  So if you’re just getting started with custom shoe painting, it’s probably best to practice on a pair of old shoes, and breathe some color and life into them.  They may not look quite as nice as a new pair, but when you finally decide to paint a brand new pair of kicks, you’ll be glad you had all that practice.